Episode 10: The Grisly Fairbanks Murder

In August of 1801, a young man named Jason Fairbanks showed up on his sweetheart’s doorstep.  He was covered in blood, and telling the story of a suicide pact gone wrong.  This tale of a rich kid gone astray could be ripped from today’s tabloid headlines.  Fairbanks and his presumed sweetheart Eliza Fales were the center of a sensational trial, a daring escape from jail, and a manhunt that stretched to the Canadian border.  Does this story of star crossed lovers have a happy http://healthsavy.com/product/cialis/ ending?  Listen to this week’s show to find out!

The Grisly Fairbanks Murder

  • The engraving at the top of this post is from a newspaper broadside, depicting the (spoiler alert!) execution of Jason Fairbanks.
  • The paper “Melancholy Catastrophe” was a terrific source for this week’s show.  Read part 1 and part 2.

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