Episode 21: The Tremont Street Explosion

On March 4, 1897, a giant explosion rocked the corner of Tremont Street and Boylston across from Boston Common.  Ten people were killed, and dozens were injured.  How did construction of America’s first subway lead to this disaster?  And why was it so difficult for survivors to get compensation for their injuries?  Listen to the show to find out!  And be sure to stay tuned to the end, so you can find out how to win a free walking tour with hosts Nikki and Jake.

The Tremont Street Explosion

Destruction after the explosion on March 4, 1897 (all photos via Digital Commonwealth)

The test track constructed for the Meigs Elevated Railway. (monorail, monorail, monoraiiiiiiiiiil!)

Resistance to the subway plan

This Week in Boston History