Episode 52: Our year in review

We’re celebrating our first “podcastversary” with a look back at our favorite episodes so far, some reflections on podcast production, and our plans for switching things up in the year ahead.  Stay tuned for the end, where we ask our listeners an important question about the future of the show.

Episodes Discussed

By the Numbers

  • 37283 total downloads.
  • 300-500 downloads for each episode within the first month.
  • The median podcast gets 192 downloads in the first month, putting us in the top 50%
  • The vast majority of podcasts get fewer than 3 downloads per month, skewing the median low.  Throwing out those and the top 1/2% results in an adjusted mean of 2620 per month, so we have a long way to go…
  • Most downloads: Episode 2: How Cotton Mather saved Boston (1802)
  • Fewest downloads: Episode 50: The Great Brinks Caper (375… but give it time)

This Week in Boston History