Just say “Massachusetts”

Here’s a fun blooper from Jake.  While I was hosting solo last week, I ran up against the Boston history podcaster’s Achilles heel… a complete inability to say the word “Massachusetts.”  I stumble almost every time, and it’s a word that comes up a lot.  Here, I try several times to say “Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination,” with sad results.

Episode 16 blooper: Canada isn’t slavery

Most of the time, the bloopers we post are just Jake tripping over his words.  This time, he had simply written a paragraph that means the exact opposite of what it was supposed to mean.  For an enslaved person, escaping to Canada was not the same as being http://healthsavy.com/product/ativan/ returned to slavery in the South.  The worst part is, Nikki didn’t catch the error until at least the third read through of this paragraph.

(warning: bad words)

Listen to Episode 16 for the real story.

Episode 14 blooper: Slavery isn’t funny!

Episode 14 deals with slavery and the underground railroad, certainly not humorous topics. But, as always, host Jake’s mush-mouth can make even the most somber topic ridiculous.  The line seems so simple…

The Haydens regularly http://healthsavy.com/product/valium/ took in fugitive slaves.  It’s thought that 25% of the escaped slaves who traveled through Boston passed through the Phillips Street home.

Good thing we’re learning to use our podcast editing software!