Episode 16 blooper: Canada isn’t slavery

Most of the time, the bloopers we post are just Jake tripping over his words.  This time, he had simply written a paragraph that means the exact opposite of what it was supposed to mean.  For an enslaved person, escaping to Canada was not the same as being returned to slavery in the South.  The worst part is, Nikki didn’t catch the error until at least the third read through of this paragraph.

(warning: bad words)

Listen to Episode 16 for the real story.

Episode 14 blooper: Slavery isn’t funny!

Episode 14 deals with slavery and the underground railroad, certainly not humorous topics. But, as always, host Jake’s mush-mouth can make even the most somber topic ridiculous.  The line seems so simple…

The Haydens regularly took in fugitive slaves.  It’s thought that 25% of the escaped slaves who traveled through Boston passed through the Phillips Street home.

Good thing we’re learning to use our podcast editing software!

How the sausage is made: Episode 5 outtakes

If you recall, Episode 5 deals with Nazis and the holocaust, a pretty somber topic.  Still, no matter the subject, recording can be tricky, and in this case, Jake got hung up on just one line.  The line in the script seems simple enough…

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This is what it took to get there:

But through the magic of editing, you’ll hear us sounding, if not like professional podcasters, at least like adults!